Why are Progressive Web Apps the Future of Web Development

In the era of the smartphone, web applications have made their presence felt in every possible domain. Whether it is online shopping or perhaps a payment wallet to facilitate that purchase, everything has a dedicated available web application. Progressive web applications are now revolutionizing the coming generation of web apps for the better. 

What are PWAs?

Progressive Web Applications are a new take on contemporary web technologies to render applications with a rich interface and exceptional user experience to enhance representation for any business. PWAs prompt push notifications, interactive screens, and their rapid sync functionalities progressively enhance web applications for an advanced and seamless interface.

Why are progressive web apps the future?

PWAs are taking over several sectors, and there is a good reason why progressive web apps are likely to be the future of web development. Here a few facets they enhance that make PWAs a great inclusion for optimized web development:

  1. Enhanced User Interface

Progressive Web Apps include linking and other interactive features that are also linked to the cache memory. The user can access and interact with the application with several buttons, and click interactions that make the page pop out more. These features can be added to the home page with just a click from where the user can access and interact directly. The user experience is greatly enhanced, with website having a series of progressive interactions for users.

  • Cost Optimized

Progressive Apps are cross-platform, thus deducting the cost of building several apps. This helps to optimize the developing cost. They provide the look and feel of native applications while avoiding the heavy downloading or app store purchases a native app would require. These features make it suitable for a website interface. PWAs bring out the best of websites and apps to bring a whole new web development technique in place.

  • Optimized Security

While HTTPS and other security protocols are put in place for website security, it is no surprise that websites are regularly targeted for various cyber threats and attacks. Especially when it comes to protecting users’ personally identifiable information (such as passwords, bank details, other pin numbers); sensitive information leaks are rampant on websites. Operating in a secure environment is made much easier with PWAs. Progressive apps can be launched in a controlled environment, making security a manageable factor. Security can be optimized and implemented effectively in a PWA powered webspace.

*Personally identifiable information = keyword for passwords and other sensitive information

  • Faster Website Interactions

Backed up with the latest app technologies, PWAs are driven by scripts that are customizable based on the website’s specific requirements. Adjustments can be made by employing proxies based on the current expected traffic and network requirements. This is why PWA powered websites have much faster web interactions than a native website. Navigating through various sections can be made much easier along with instant loading without any lagging issues.

  • Offline Function

Websites are traditionally not accessible offline, other than previously loaded pages of visited websites. An offline feature can be used with PWAs with their content, background interactions, and push notification working even in offline mode. This offline access is made possible due to service workers prompted by Java Scripts, capable of functioning independently and adapting.

Popular use cases of PWAs

Progressive Web Apps are already being used to generate greater revenues owing to the features mentioned above. Some popular use cases that have derived huge success from PWAs can be seen with their steady feet in the market. 

  • Trivago, known for its very popular hotel search engine interface, employs PWAs to provide the best pictures, information, rating, reviews, and filters for hotels. 
  • Pinterest’s PWA powered interface allows a prompt visual sharing of pictures and ideas. Its enhanced interface is a driving factor in its rapid success.
  • Twitter also adopted a Progressive web app to facilitate instant loading, reduced data consumption, and increased accessibility for all its users. 


Thus, Progressive Web Apps are the future of all web enhancements in business, entertainment, and other sectors. Offering the twin benefits of a modern and native website, PWAs are a peek into the future!

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