The Evolving Importance of Ecommerce in a Post-COVID-19 World

E-commerce has had a significant impact on current times. The ease of access, security factors, rapid business growth, and customer convenience are some factors that have popularized e-commerce platforms in recent years. While even before the pandemic, all-powerful brands have relied on digital commerce for a wider reach, the pandemic has turned a new leaf for e-commerce as a phenomenon.

How Quarantines Have Affected Ecommerce

It is no secret that many businesses ran into a dead-end after the lockdown was enforced due to the sheer inability of people to get out of their homes. Despite eventual relaxations of the lockdown, a lot of people are rightly avoiding too much travel for safety reasons. These social distancing norms have forced traditional business practices to take a back seat while their e-commerce platforms have truly flourished.

Even though e-commerce isn’t a new post-pandemic concept altogether, there has been a rapid growth in the e-commerce sector. With people practically forced to shop online for most of their needs, a massive shift has been observed. By April 2020 alone, the online revenue growth shot up by 68%.

When businesses return back to their normal functioning, some merits of online shopping are still bound to be remembered. Even though social distancing practices will eventually ease-out, it is inevitable that the e-commerce sector will continue to grow.

Factors that Will Continue to Drive Ecommerce Growth

Here are some factors that are likely to continue the growth trigger for all e-commerce platforms in the days to come:

  • COVID-19 Paranoia

People’s reservations about COVID and continued social distancing norms aren’t going to disappear even when government regulations are eased out. It is likely that folks will still like to stay on the safer side and tend to stay indoors a little longer. This makes the potential of e-commerce a significant sector that is likely to grow even further.  

  • Shopping Revolutions

The pandemic period has forced some traditional shoppers to venture into the online shopping world. Especially those who weren’t regular online shoppers have discovered newfound ease of access with products being delivered at the click of a finger. These introductions have revolutionized shopping for many who weren’t on the bandwagon.

  • A wider range of shopping articles

Ecommerce platforms often tend to offer a wider range of products that you would find at a local store. You could add unavailable items to a wish list and be notified when they are in stock next. These merits make e-commerce a promising sector that people will use in the times to come.

  • Mobile Access and convenience

Online shopping can be done remotely, whether you are at home or any other location, easily with your smartphone. The mobile access and added convenience makes e-commerce a viable platform during this pandemic; which is likely to extend into the post COVID era as well.

The Importance of Omnichannel Strategies

With recent observations, it can be established that Omni-channel strategies are likely to be profitable for businesses in a post-COVID world. While smaller businesses might not be able to shift completely to the online forum and gain popularity, they can always adopt a dual approach. A twin-strategy of rendering online shopping services while also giving local customers the option of an in-store pickup is the way to go once socializing resumes back to normal.

This is the time when businesses that don’t have a website should get with the times and start creating an online platform for long term profits and the convenience of their customers.

Principles to Keep in Mind for the Ecommerce Revolution

Some things to keep in mind while dealing with the e-commerce revolution in and after the pandemic are:

  • Make your brand accessible in an Omni-channel way for your customers to be able to choose their preferred mode of shopping.
  • Make sure your business strategies are flexible and transparent with your customers, so they know exactly how things are going to work.
  • Do some research to study what is working and what is growing progressively in the COVID pandemic to prepare for what is yet to come. 


Thus, e-commerce growth spurt isn’t one that can be avoided. If you are a business that is rigid to stay just in-store, you can be easily overshadowed by a competitor that offers the best of both worlds. This is the time to look into getting your business online and accommodating more consumers for a multi-fold reach. After all, pandemic or not, the era of e-commerce is here to stay.