Hashim has a background in e-commerce, digital marketing, e-learning, e-logistics & consumer services. He founded Omega Digital Labs (ODL) to help forward thinking companies and entrepreneurs grow by unlocking exciting new opportunities across the IT domain with a key focus on problem-solving, strong client support metrics and delivery of sustainable IT solutions & services.

Hashim is a social person, he attends business networking events that interest him and is a member of a handful of entrepreneurial & business communities in India (both online and offline)

When he is not working, Hashim loves to read up on business articles, analyse stocks, watch movies or watch interviews of successful people from the business world, exercise and spend time with his family.

Hashim believes that we must always stay in the learning mode, be eager to verify information and state facts rather than blindly trusting information we hear or read from various sources.

Hashim lives in Mumbai with his family.

Business Sectors That Interest Me

Information Technology

Digital Marketing



Food & Beverage/Agri Tech

Smartphone Manufacturing

Sustainable Packaging & Disposables

Renewable Energy

What People Say

"Hashim is very professional in his field as well as in his work and in dealing with clients, although he is a business owner he is a very kind hearted person, ready to help everyone and helps to grow other businesses as well as other freelancers."
Vishal Raj
Web Developer
"Hashim is extremely passionate and dedicated to his Work. If you have had a pleasure of working with Hashim in any capacity, you'd find he always delivers high-quality work, on time and up-to-mark. He possesses all the attributes you should look for when wanting to work on your Business Development. He is extremely detail oriented and talented at Business Development that produces incredible results."
Swapnil Surve
Social Media Consultant