7 Reasons to Choose MERN Stack for E-Commerce Development


Tech stack forms the backbone of the interface for any business in the online domain. The technology stack you use has a significant impact on your e-commerce interface and all prospective interactions on it. Choosing the appropriate technology stack can improve the functionality of your business on several grounds.

While LAMP stack is a popular choice for platform development being open source, MERN stack is a great choice for e-commerce development owing to several characteristic features. Read along to understand some challenges of implementing LAMP stack and comparative benefits that MERN stack offers to resolve these drawbacks.

Challenges with LAMP stack

The LAMP stack’s streamlined and cost-effective nature makes it a readily available solution for quick and easy development. It is also open-source and highly adaptable for different industry standard deployments.

Despite its merits and ready availability, there are some significant challenges with the use of LAMP stack. These include:

  • Security issues – LAMP stack does not use pre-compilation; thus, some lapses and security issues can creep in.
  • Scalability issues – It employs MySQL, which is non-scalable and less preferable for industry-level deployments.
  • Speed and Performance – The server setup in LAMP proves to be resource-heavy, and as a result, the speed and performance of the developed platform could be compromised.

Languages used – The use of various programming languages with LAMP stack makes data transitions between front and back ends cumbersome.

List of benefits of MERN stack

The MERN stack offers some pretty robust features ideal for e-commerce platform development to tackle the above-mentioned drawbacks. Here are 7 benefits that make MERN stack technology stand out for efficient development:

  1. Optimized Performance

MERN stack presents the functionalities of Node.js that are apt for handling asynchronous actions. Event heavy and data-driven apps can be optimized significantly, which will boost the venture’s performance.

  • Scalability and Cloud compatibility

With the rapid addition of data sets in an e-commerce platform, prompt processing capabilities are needed. MERN stack uses MongoDB, a NoSQL database that is highly scalable and cloud compatible as well.

  • Robust Security

MERN stack applications can be easily integrated with secure hosting services for a shield against cyber threats. The data storage mechanism is durable and secure, which is a much-needed factor for an e-commerce interface.

  • Code Reusability

The components within the MERN stack are reusable and alternatively changeable. This enables quick development of sections of code for use in other e-commerce platforms.

  • Impactful SEO

MERN stack technology is well suited for leveraging digital marketing techniques for Search Engine Optimization. It implements speed, compatibility, and access, which are important factors for e-commerce user interfaces.

  • Front end customizability

Based on Model View Controller architecture, the MERN stack supports any amount of front end customization. Instead of heavy reliance on back end scripts, direct modifications can be made to improve user experience.

  • Increased flexibility

As a cloud-based platform, the MERN stack is adept for easy code testing and the process of iterative modifications. This optimizes the time for development and testing while also being a reliable channel for efficient updates in the development process.


Thus, it is no surprise that MERN stack technology can operate at a much larger scale with the use of their comprehensive top to bottom and single language approach. Budding developers are inclined to implement MERN stack benefits instead of LAMP stack despite it being more economical.

While you might initially save some bucks, perhaps higher returns are in store with enhanced MERN stack technology. After all, technology needs to evolve with evolving times, and MERN stack exhibits an array of benefits to develop robust e-commerce platforms.